Shopify releases subscription and post-purchase upsell apps: How it can Benefit Merchants?

Shopify releases subscription and post-purchase upsell apps: How it can Benefit Merchants?

Shopify has updated one of its most significant features — the Post-Purchase Upselling and Subscription Plans. And that too just before the BFCM. 

The eCommerce platform introduced its latest subscriptions and post-purchase upselling features that allows the integration of third-party apps in the checkout process.  

That’s ka-ching for Shopify merchants, and seamless shopping experience for customers! 

What is Upselling? 

Upselling is all about the art of suggestion. It is a method used by all eCommerce retailers to increase Average Order Value. 

Showing customers upgraded versions of their to-be purchased products is the central concept of Upselling. The trick is to make sure that it is done in a subtle way. 

Why Shopify Upselling is important for its merchants?

So, here’s the thing. 

The customer in question has already bought your product. S/he knows and prefers your brand. However, you’re just giving a slight nudge towards towards a product that s/he might like too. 

If done well, upselling can leverage sales and build loyalty in your customer-seller relationship. Refrain from an aggressive approach, if you don’t want to lose your sales and customers. 

Types of Upselling 

There are two types of Upselling – Pre and Post.

Pre-Upselling is when you target customers before they make a purchase. You can show them complementary items to the products they are buying. Like, tops with the jeans, yoga mat with the yoga pants, coffee blends with the coffee mug, etc.

Post-Upselling is after the purchase is made. You can target the customer just after the confirmation page and before the thank you page. In the purchase cycle, this moment is the opportune time to show customers what they may need with the purchase they have already made.

How can Shopify’s Latest Integrations Help eCommerce Business Owners?

The latest updates from Shopify are centered around building the best customer-seller relationship in the eCommerce market.

According to Jean-Michel Lemieux, CTO of Shopify, “With the new apps, over 1 million merchants around the world can now sell recurring products or add post-purchase upsells—all without compromising the buyer experience at checkout. Giving our developer partners the ability to build integrated solutions within checkout showcases the value we see in these apps to enable flexibility, scale, and resilience for our merchants.”

Shopify merchants have been facing issues with the post-upselling integration for years. With gaps in the integration process, sellers generally created different funnels or swapped the checkout systems. But with the latest integration by Shopify, third-party app developers can now build post-purchase upsells via apps. So, you can now integrate apps with your checkout process to create dynamic one-click post-purchase upsells.

Previously, Shopify sellers have the power to offer subscriptions and post-purchase upselling products, using third-party apps that were not entirely integrated with the Shopify buying process. But, with the latest updates in Shopify Subscriptions and Post-Purchase Upselling, merchants can add completely integrated third-party apps into the checkout process to make subscription plans or upselling seamless.

Let’s check out some apps that are available for Subscriptions and Post-Purchase Upselling:


ReCharge Subscriptions by ReCharge: 

An easy-to-set-up app that helps customize, analyze, and manage subscriptions. The app helps merchants analyze the customers’ pain-points and leverage features to contribute to long-term goals.

Features of ReCharge Subscriptions: 

  • Comprehensive solution to help reach goals with subscription plans
  • Mobile-friendly app to help move the buyer from one part of the buying cycle to the next
  • Direct integration with Shopify Checkout to help provide a seamless experience


60-day Free Trial
Unified Checkout – $60/month – 1% +5c per transaction

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Bold Subscriptions by BOLD

Create a smooth subscription process to help increase recurring revenue. The BOLD app provides incentives to customers to sign up or increase retention by adding future regular orders. With powerful APIs designed to customize the subscription process – the possibility of offering subscriptions is endless.

Features of Bold Subscriptions: 

  • Customizable subscription intervals that include specific days or dates, length of time, and more
  • Options to allow customers to pause, edit or skip upcoming orders and to swap products
  • A seamless checkout process with subscription products and one-time checkouts in the same transaction
  • Automated email setup to remind subscribers about their subscription


60-Day Free Trial
Introductory Plan – $49.99/month

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PayWhirl Recurring Payments by PayWhirl Inc.

Create, manage, and sell subscriptions with an app that is seamlessly integrated with the Shopify platform. Customers can easily customize their details like purchase orders, billing history, address, payment plans, profile details, and more.

Features of PayWhirl Recurring Payments: 

  • Keep customers in the native Shopify checkout
  • Process recurring payment options and automate billing
  • Customers can manage their subscription plan, billing address, etc
  • Flexible order generation for customers


Free for late 2020 and early 2021

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Ordergroove Subscriptions by Ordergroove

Ordergroove is a powerful subscription platform that has been exclusively built to handle unique requirements for Shopify merchants. The app helps brands develop profitable relationships with subscriptions.

Features of Ordergroove: 

  • Single integrated checkout process with minimal friction
  • Provide customers with easy management options to modify their plans
  • Automated email notifications for subscription events
  • Instant upselling opportunities with automated add-on items


Free to Install

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Post-Purchase Upselling

One Click Upsell – Zipify OCU by Zipify App

Boost your AOV with the post-purchase upselling feature by the Zipify App. No need for a designer or developer – get customized features from the app itself.

Features of One Click Upsell: 

  • Highly converting offer pages that have been tested on high-volume stores
  • Easy customization options to match your brand
  • Add multiple upselling options in your purchasing funnel
  • Easy optimization for maximum revenue


30-day Free trial
0-100 orders – $24.99/month
101-200 orders – $49.99/month
201-500 orders – $79.99/month
501-1000 orders – $99.99/month

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Ultimate Special Offer by Pixel Union

The ultimate special offer app helps reward customers with promotions and manually adjusted prices. You can create the ultimate unique offer dashboard to generate sales and track orders quickly.

Features of Ultimate Special Offer: 

  • New analytics to optimize and market budgets
  • Increase order size with one-click add to purchase upselling options
  • Add BOGO (Buy One Get One) offers with complete customization options
  • Add bulk offers for collections


14-day Free Trial

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CartHook Post Purchase Offers by CartHook

Create post-purchase upselling offers directly in the checkout process with CartHook. Boost sales and AOV by creating customizable post-purchase offers for customers. Give your customers the one-click offer without requiring shipping or payment details. 

Features of CartHook Post Purchase Offers: 

  • Create unlimited post-purchase funnels triggered by what customers checkout 
  • Modify and customize your post-purchase offer layouts to suit your brand 
  • Measure and track the funnel to impact revenue 
  • Seamless integration with Shopify checkout flow
  • Trigger post-purchase offers with products just purchased, cart value, or product count 


14-day Free Trial 
Growth Plan -$50/month 

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Post Purchase Promotions by Store Recon

This highly flexible tool offers merchants the option to edit, customize, and modify post-purchase promotional products. With no coding knowledge required, you can now start upselling in 60 seconds.

Features of Post Purchase Promotions: 

  • Add exclusive discounts and offers for upselling products to loyal customers
  • Add customizable eligibility rules for promotions
  • Support multi-variant product sales
  • Get in-depth analytics to check which post-purchase upselling offers work


14-day Free Trial
Growth Plan – $10/month

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Superbump Post Purchase Upsell by the Vaan Group

Create sales-driving post-purchase upselling offers with the Superbump too. With simple integration, you can now create hyper-targeted requests to keep your loyal customers happy.

Features of Superbump Post Purchase Upsell: 

  • Easy integration with Shopify Checkout Funnel
  • Set up in minutes without requiring any coding knowledge
  • Hyper-target customers with promotional offers
  • Increase sales with customizable offer page after checkout and before confirmation


14-day Free Trial
All-in-Plan – $39/month

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Wrapping Up

You can now integrate your post-purchase funnel into your Checkout process, with the options of subscription and post-purchase upselling apps. Shopify continues to build their seller-customer relationships – to create a better eCommerce marketplace, with these updates.

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