Kai USA Cuts Down Customer Order Inquiries By 92%

About The Company: Kai USA Ltd.

Kai USA Ltd. is home to Kershaw Knives, EDC Knives, Premium ZT Zero Tolerance Knives, and high-performance Japanese-inspired kitchen cutlery from Shun Cutlery & Kai Housewares. They’re taking pride in their tradition and professional knives, crafted with utmost care and competence, with a century of expertise, as part of the Kai Group in Japan.

Kai USA went from a dull post-purchase strategy to a sharp one, using cutting-edge technology available at WeSupply, including real-time branded order tracking and proactive notifications. This enabled them to chop down the number of order-related support tickets, in fact, by 92%.

The Challenge

In response to growth across its 2 main divisions’ eCommerce operations, Kai USA was experiencing an overwhelming amount of customer inquiries regarding the status of their purchased products.

The influx of order-related customer inquiries put a strain on their customer care team, and answering these questions manually was simply not going to cut it any longer.

This complicated the flow of operations given Kai USA’s unique distribution model of shipping products out of store locations near customers instead of centralized distribution centers.

Due to the nature of the consumer goods Kai USA manufactures, carrying knives was also a challenge since it requires special care and attention, items often having to be sent in separate shipments that required full visibility.

Furthermore, given that the customer has many websites for consumers to purchase from, it complicated the tracking process at the corporate level.

Kai USA had been looking for a solution that provides a centralized tracking system that monitors purchases made across all of their websites and store locations. This enables them to efficiently fulfill customer orders and provide up-to-date information on product availability.

The Solution

Given that Kai USA relies on Magento for managing its eCommerce operations, it was looking for a proven post-purchase customer experience platform capable of fully integrating with Magento to ensure a seamless order tracking experience.

Kai USA implemented WeSupply because of the platform’s unique capability of integrating with Magento, which made it possible to notify the customer of each product’s location, regardless of which website they ordered from.

Finally, Kai USA leveraged WeSupply’s custom integration services to fully brand the post-purchase experience to their own brands.

Our solution brought them many benefits, including:

  • A fantastic 92% reduction in weekly customer support inquiries

  • Full visibility into warehouse order processing & shipping times

  • Centralized order tracking regardless of website purchase source

Besides, having a centralized order tracking system and having it work correctly, employees no longer had to switch apps and move between platforms to find relevant information regarding orders and create a positive customer experience.

The Testimonial

WeSupply has helped us reduce weekly customer inquiries on shipping and tracking by 92%, enabling us to focus more on our core business. – Matt Matsushima Vice President of Operations Kai USA

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