How to Market a Shopify Store on Pinterest: A Helpful eCommerce Guide

How to Market a Shopify Store on Pinterest: A Helpful eCommerce Guide

How to Market a Shopify Store on Pinterest: A Helpful eCommerce Guide

Looking for a guide on how to market a Shopify store on Pinterest? Here it is!

Here for tips on how to market a Shopify store on Pinterest? You’re looking at the right platforms; here are some stats.

As of January 2022, there were an estimated 450 million or so Pinterest users. Like the other big social media platforms, Pinterest has a truly global reach and monumental marketing potential.

Apparently, some metrics also indicate that despite the slightly lower reach when compared to other platforms, Pinterest is more effective at driving referral traffic and generating customer interest than competing platforms such as Twitter. Evidently, it is also the case that as many as 93% of online shoppers use Pinterest when planning upcoming purchases.

That’s big news no matter how you look at it. Pinterest has great marketing potential for eCommerce and offers both organic and paid strategies to discerning entrepreneurs. Whether you intend to go about it yourself or work with an agency, here are some tips on how to market a Shopify Store on Pinterest.

The Organic Approach: Tips and Tricks

When you’re considering how to market your Shopify store on Pinterest, it’s important to keep in mind that organic strategies are long-term and don’t generate immediate results. However, organic efforts drastically improve brand reach, are highly sustainable, boost credibility, and can even positively impact SEO.

Here are some best practices that you should observe:

Use a Pinterest Business Account

One of the first things you should do is launch a Pinterest Business Account or convert your regular account to a business one.

Pinterest Business Accounts give you access to proprietary analytics and let you use Rich Pins and create special product pins (see below).

Creating a business account is also the first step to launching a paid Pinterest ad campaign if that’s something you determine you want to do.

Create a Content Calendar and Pin Regularly

Once you’re established on Pinterest, you need to start creating social proof, which means you need to Pin.

Not everyone agrees on the frequency with which you should Pin, but one thing is certain. Any Pins are better than no Pins! Start Pinning, create a content calendar and get creative.

Some sources suggest anywhere from 15-30 Pins per day for active business accounts. You don’t need to shoot that high, especially in the beginning, but get your feet wet by Pinning products, blogs, or other content you created.

Change up the Content


Successful Shopify stores are active and engage with their potential customers on social media platforms like Pinterest. One of the keys to engagement is keeping everything fresh.

There’s nothing wrong with creating product Pins with rich, appealing product photography in order to attract customer interest, but it isn’t the only thing you can do. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

If your eCommerce website has blogs, post about them. Drum up creative ways to generate interest in your content or products. “Listicle” style pins tend to do very well – something along the lines of “Top 10 Uses for This Product” will generally perform well.

Of course, promoted Pins can be successful, too, and you can create product-focused pins to drive traffic and sales as well.

Add Follow Buttons to All of your Shopify Store’s Pages

Luckily, Shopify’s relatively open API makes integration with Pinterest easy and straightforward. Add a Pinterest follow button to every page on your Shopify website and put it somewhere prominent. Some businesses put it in the footer, but some customers might not get that far.

Instead, we suggest displaying it in a sticky header or along a sticky sidebar that follows user navigation. That way, your Pinterest account will be noticeably displayed on all of your pages – no matter where the customer journey takes your visitors.

If It’s Applicable to Your Industry, Create “Shop the Look” Pins

This is not applicable to every industry, but Pinterest’s “Shop the Look” Pins feed online shoppers’ cravings for convenience and easy shopping.

“Shop the Look” Pins are a special type of promoted Pin that places three little white dots over each product shown in a Pin’s images.

By hovering over these white dots, online shoppers can see the products that are featured in the Pin and compare them without needing to visit a separate website. This keeps everything in one place and is highly convenient and attractive to online shoppers.

Pinterest also has a tagging tool that will let online shoppers navigate from Pinterest to your Shopify store when they’re ready to purchase – it also helps shoppers keep track of what interests them.

Make Use of Rich Pins and Buyable Pins

A Rich Pin is a special type of Pin that is used to spread brand awareness. These pins are SEO-focused and pull context directly from the parent Shopify website to which they are linked.

There are multiple types of Rich Pins, such as app and recipe Pins, but for most eCommerce entrepreneurs, product Pins will be the most valuable.

Product Rich Pins draw product-related information from your Shopify website and display it in a Pin. They can display information about product price, availability, color and configuration, how and where to buy, and more.

Rich Pins have branding built-in, automatically update themselves, and help give your content and products more visibility online. Be sure to use high-quality product images, send your Pins to product pages that are easy to navigate, and feature customer reviews, and you will reap the rewards.

They help your potential customers find your brand and products but make it easy for them to keep track of your interests and support social selling, too.

Merge Search Engine Optimization and Pinterest Marketing for Your Shopify Store

One of the great things about Pinterest marketing is that you can actually use SEO best practices to boost your pins.


While it’s true that the majority of the interest the Pin generates will be on the basis of its imagery and the substance of its content, you can still enrich Pinterest Pins with SEO-best practices.

For instance, you can create a sense of continuity between your Shopify store and Pinterest Account by following the same keyword strategy and directing your Pins at key target URLs to boost organic visibility and traffic.

Obviously, you wouldn’t forget to write a spiffy title for your Pin in order to catch attention, but don’t skimp on the alt text. Think of your alt text as a rich snippet for your Pin that you get to create yourself.

You can choose what you put in it to catch viewers’ attention, and you can also optimize it according to your keyword strategy. That gives you the ability to boost the visibility of your Shopify store’s brand on Pinterest, bringing in new referral traffic and leads.

Driving Traffic to a Shopify Store with Pinterest Ads Services

Of course, we would be remiss in directing you on how to market a Shopify store on Pinterest if we didn’t mention that there are paid avenues in addition to organic techniques.

Online stores that partner with Pinterest advertising agency partners get to offload some of the heavy lifting. Agencies with specific experience can monitor metrics, perform targeting, and closely follow customer interactions with posts in order to generate the most revenue from each ad campaign.

Pinterest advertising agencies will develop a plan for targeting, content creation and posting, and reporting before posting so much as a Pin. Working with an experienced Pinterest ad agency that has experience serving eCommerce businesses is one of the best ways to generate the greatest return on the investment you allocate for Pinterest marketing for your Shopify store.

Partnering with a provider of Pinterest advertising services that also offers custom website design services can help optimize your website for conversions, helping you create a top Shopify store that is geared towards sales.

Read Enough About How to Market a Shopify Store on Pinterest? Get Started!

Ready to get started using Pinterest as a marketing tool and a cross-selling channel for your Shopify store? Get in touch with our Pinterest advertising services specialists and let us know what your goals are for your eCommerce website.

Our eCommerce experts take a consultative approach. No two projects are the same and we often unite our marketing efforts to create a unified marketing strategy. Let us know what your plans are for growth, and we’ll offer you the most lucrative suggestions for how to market a Shopify store on Pinterest.

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