How to Find Products to Sell on Shopify: 7 Best Places

How to Find Products to Sell on Shopify: 7 Best Places

So... How to find products to sell on your Shopify store?

Finding the most suitable products is not as easy as it seems. But it’s ok: there’s no need to come up with anything super original and innovative. You just need to find a product that enjoys a good demand.

In this guide:

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Products to Sell on Shopify: Where to Start

Lucky for new entrepreneurs, choosing what to sell on Shopify is quite easy. All thanks to suppliers. They are basically online product databases you can search and choose products to add to your store

Here’s what to consider when looking for product suppliers for Shopify stores.

  • Pick real B2B suppliers, no reseller companies
  • Choose local suppliers for fast and cheaper shipping
  • Check if the shipping fees are proper for your business
  • Research the market to see what your target audience demands
  • Learn who it is worth cooperating with by reading reviews from other users
  • Find high-quality products from ethical suppliers—71% of customers prefer to buy from brands that implemented product traceability
  • Make business plans before taking any steps towards kickstarting your business to make sure being an online store owner is something meant for you
  • You might need a service that has you fully covered. Try marketplaces where you can not just find products and suppliers but the system also manages product data uploads, updates, and order data synchronization
  • Even if you are picking from a directory and you can fill your online store with products in a few clicks, it is best to first talk with your chosen supplier. Why? Because like this it can be a real partnership, and you can feel you can trust your partner.

Best Places to Find Great Products for Shopify Stores

Looking for products for Shopify stores can be an overwhelming process. You have to make sure your target audience would be interested in what you sell, and you need to have reasonable consumer prices in your online store with fast shipping and a reasonable refund and return policy. High-quality, ethically sourced goods are the best bet.

If you are interested in how to find specific products in an efficient way, here's how to find products to sell on Shopify.

1. Google

The first option that probably comes to your mind as well when you are thinking of finding products is to use Google. Type relevant keywords to the search bar, add the word dropshipping as well, also try to use specific words, not just “fashion dropshipping supplier’.

Check the suppliers’ websites from the search results, look for individual menus about dropshipping, and contact the company for details about their service if you like their goods.

2. Online Business Forums

People actively use discussion boards and forums to seek information and tips about what to sell on Shopify. Forums in particular are a great source of knowledge where many of us can find answers to our questions.

The most relevant sites where details can be found on where to find products for Shopify stores are the Shopify Community itself, Reddit and Quora.

Shopify community homepage

Finding tips to drive traffic is a common thing asked on Shopify community forms. Here’s an answer to this question: 10+ Strategies to Drive Traffic to a Shopify Store.

3. Social Media

Suppliers use these social media more and more, so if you use tags, hashtags on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, you might find supplier pages.

There are also many groups on, especially, Facebook where those who are interested can find products and tips on how to find products to sell on Shopify. Just check if the posts in a group are reliable, relevant and up-to-date, and are not just scams. 

Also, join groups where you can see new posts are added regularly, and where the admin takes care of having trustworthy content in their group.

If launching a print on demand is something you’re considering, these 15 Top-Rated Print On Demand Shopify Apps should give nice ideas for reliable product suppliers.

4. Trade Shows

When attending trade shows you can meet with many experts who are representing companies with the service you are looking for. If these are specific trade shows where suppliers represent themselves, it is a great chance to find products for Shopify stores as well.

Talk with these manufacturers, and ask them if they can provide you with the necessary data needed to fill your online store. These kinds of shows are not common in every country but if there are any at your place, you should definitely attend them.

5. Check Potential Competitors

If you have an idea of what kind of products you would like to sell, you can do a little market research to find potential “competitors” for your future store. Or, you can look for popular stores in that category in different countries to see what the market demand is there. 

Check their products, and get some inspiration from there. If you read more details about certain items, or you even order some samples yourself you might have a chance to find the supplier the online store is working with.

search for suppliers

6. B2B Marketplaces

B2B Marketplaces and online directories are one of the best places to find dropshipping suppliers and products for Shopify stores. If choosing the right partner, these platforms provide you all the tools needed to find suppliers, fill your online store with products easily and keep your online store’s data up-to-date to avoid overselling.

Syncee is a platform like this. You can browse among millions of ready-to-sell B2B dropshipping products in the Syncee Marketplace. The application which is also available on Shopify helps you with everything you need with its automated processes regarding everyday product data management.

7. Supplier Lists

On Google or on B2B solutions’ sites you can look for supplier lists that you can go through and check their selection to find products for Shopify stores. These lists are usually made based on a certain location, product category or else. 

These are free and great sources, you just have to make sure the companies indeed provide what you are looking for, and that they are reliable. Use specific keywords when searching for lists, say “US-based product suppliers” or “suppliers from the EU”.

How to Find Products to Sell on Shopify Stores: Conclusion

Finding winning products for Shopify stores is not an easy game. 

First of all, you have to be sure the product idea you have in mind is something your target audience would be also interested in. Then, you need to find suppliers with a product range you are satisfied with. Fortunately, there’s a lot of options available, and you can find them using the tips you just read.

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